You’ve invested time and money into planning your trip, and it is probably safe to say that it would take something rather significant to keep you from going. But have you considered this?

  • WHAT IF- your traveling companion or family member are seriously injured, fall ill, or pass away?

  • WHAT IF- there is a natural disaster at your destination?

Buy CPO Sportsman’s Travel insurance to help protect your anticipated adventure trip if a sudden illness prevents you from taking your scheduled trip. Furthermore, insurance will provide you with coverage for your personal belongings AND your sporting equipment should they be lost in transit.


CPO Travel is equipped to insure US Residents 

Here at CPO Travel, we love what we do. In order to insure the outdoor world, a company and its employees have to know the outdoor world. We know your personal and business needs because we live it ourselves and we share the passion for the sporting and outdoor life.


     M.D. "Brit" Barker, III- President