Coastal Plains Outdoors understands your commitment to your outdoor business and clients.  We know that no matter what your particular operation encompasses, you must protect your assets.   As an enthusiastic conservation minded company, Coastal Plains Outdoors prides itself on our ability to provide our client's with the most comprehensive, affordable insurance options for your company. 



Outdoor recreation has and still remains a passion of mine. I founded Coastal Plains Outdoors over 20 years ago as a way to provide the outdoor business world with the most comprehensive insurance products available.  I understand the needs and everyday operations of outdoor enthusiasts and their businesses.  This first hand knowledge translates into experience unrivaled by larger companies. You can put your trust and your client's trust in Coastal Plains Outdoors.


 M.D. " Brit " Barker III

Founder of Coastal Plains Outdoors 

Maynard Dorsey Barker, IV - Future Producer

Maynard Dorsey Barker, IV, is currently attending Clemson University and majoring in Agriculture. Dorsey's love of the outdoors and his gracious personality will make him a perfect fit for Barker Insurance and Coastal Plains Outdoors.

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